IMG_5288On February 16th, the JFS Citizenship Program along with MIRA hosted a Voters’ Registration Workshop. The presentation by Thalita Dias from MIRA covered general information about elections and answered questions participants may had have.

New citizens who attended the workshop had a chance to learn about what their vote means and how their vote count both in local and federal elections as well getting assistance in filling out voting registration form.

IMG_5282Topics and questions answered during the workshop included:

  • What is the difference between caucus and primary election, how does the process work?
  • What does the senate do?
  • What does the president do?
  • What does the representative do?
  • Where you could go and vote.

***The next event for voters registration will be in September 2016, day will be determined soon.***

For more information:

Jedidia Y. Adusei
AmeriCorps, Intern
JFS of Metrowest
475 Franklin Street, Suite 101
Framingham, MA 01702-6265
508-875-3100 x330

MIRA  jfs 2

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