Performance Management – Serving People Better and Getting Better Results


Steve Pratt (center) from Root Cause, with Marc Jacobs (right) and Lino Covarrubias (left) from JFS of Metrowest at the MNN Conference.

“It’s not just about identifying outcomes and metrics, it’s also about building a learning organization, one that has a culture of relentless commitment to improvement. An organization with a performance measurement culture uses measurement not just for compliance but for finding all of the nooks and crannies of a program model that can be adjusted and improved in pursuit of the bottom line: serving people better and getting better results.” — Stephen Pratt, Partner, Director Of Advisory Services, Root Cause

Using a framework developed in conjunction with Root Cause, JFS of Metrowest has spent the last two years building a system of Performance Management that will enable the agency to use metrics to analyze program interventions and make changes to improve outcomes.  Program by program, JFS is learning how to embrace “big data” while keeping the “human” in its human services.

Read commentary from Stephen Pratt about JFS’s journey in his blog post
You’re On The Performance Measurement Train. Now What?

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