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We are horrified to see the countless victims of the refugee crisis—JFS of Metrowest is part of the solution.

JFS of Metrowest is the only Jewish agency in eastern Massachusetts providing resettlement services.

Stan and Inna Geyyer came to Massachusetts and to JFS in May 2015 after having seen it Geyyer Family Photo-croppedall…first there were protest marches in their Ukrainian city of Donetsk in 2014, then there were sticks, and finally when they heard the shooting of guns, they grabbed their baby daughter, Marta, clothes and a baby carriage and fled to another city. Anti-Semitism was expanding and it was not safe to be a Jew so Stan, Inna, Marta and Stan’s parents fled the country. Today, Marta is 21 months old and has a new baby brother, Arthur, born in July. With the help of JFS, the entire family is now able to plan for a safe and secure future.¬†And there are so many additional ways that JFS of Metrowest supports the vulnerable in our local community.

  • JFS of Metrowest is helping to ensure that hunger is eradicated by providing food for the young immigrant students and their families at the Wilson Elementary School, by feeding families at Thanksgiving and by stocking Joe and Lucy’s Food Pantry so that the elder members of our Jewish community don’t have to make choices between purchasing medicine instead of food staples.
  • JFS of Metrowest is helping to alleviate poverty in the Jewish community by supporting job seekers as they re-enter the workplace, and by ensuring that emergency funds are available to repair a car or have heat in the winter.

By making your contribution to the JFS of Metrowest Annual Fall Campaign, you enable the agency to continue to respond in the areas of greatest client need. By investing in programs and services for those in our community who are most vulnerable and without resources, you are kindling a client’s belief in a better future.

We hope you will partner with JFS to keep our promise to the community to stand up for those left behind.


Thank you for your support!


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