Meet the Staff!: Deborah Martin

citzenship 050

 Center: Deb Martin

Deborah Martin has taken an interesting path to JFS of Metrowest to say the least.  Having originally been from Brazil, Deb moved to Massachusetts in 2005 and found herself teaching 5th grade at the Woodrow Wilson School in Framingham. During her time at the Woodrow Wilson School, she assisted JFS of Metrowest with their Wilson Wizards after school program and volunteered as a friendly visitor.  In 2012, Deb Martin left Woodrow Wilson and was hired full time by JFS of Metrowest.

Since arriving at JFS of Metrowest, Deb has been working with the Reducing Achievement Gaps, Citizenship, and Resettlement programs.  Each year, Deb manages around 3-4 resettlement clients and helps them start their new life in the United States.  She works with them to get a job and become contributing members to their community.  Similarly to Jeanine, she has a special bond with the immigrants she works with and finds great satisfaction in helping them grow and develop.   Deb claimed that when she first began working at JFS of Metrowest there was a little bit of a learning curve but has enjoyed learning how to work within the non-profit sector. She insists that her favorite part about working for a non-profit organization is the volunteers.  Deb explained how so many of the services JFS of Metrowest provides are dependent on their volunteers and without them the work that they do wouldn’t be possible.

While she isn’t working at JFS of Metrowest, Deb Martin enjoys camping, sailing and remodeling her house.  She is the mother of two kids. Her son lives in San Francisco and works for Uber, while her daughter works as an industrial designer in Pittsburgh.

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